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Dedicated to making your property investments work as hard as you do.

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TenanSee grew, as many things do, out of a need to solve a problem:
My property portfolio is key to my long term financial goals - so why am I managing it out of a shoebox full of paper, 6 different spreadsheets, hundreds of emails, and my memory?!

It really should be easier than this.

So we set out to solve that problem with a combination of in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of property investment, a long history in developing complex web-based applications, and a design approach aimed at making managing your portfolio online effortless.

We feel the following core concepts are vital to the success of your investments:

  1. Make it automatic

    Remove the work you have to do to manage things wherever possible. Why should you be checking to ensure rent has been paid on time, keeping track of when inspections are due, or tracking down tenancy documentation, when your time is better spent working to increase the profitablility of your investments?

  2. A complete overview, all in one place

    Getting an overall picture of how your investment is doing should not be a days work every six months, digging through bank statements and emails. It's something you should be able to do over your morning coffee, wherever you are.

  3. Make the financials easy.

    The end of the financial year shouldn't mean scrambling to have your portfolio in order so your accountant to get to work - it should be as easy as clicking a button. Reconciling your rent transactions should be automatic when possible, and simple for you to achieve when not.

  4. Grow as your investments do

    Existing property management software was geared towards large investors, needlessly complicated, and prohibitively expensive. What about the vast majority of smaller investors, with only a couple of properties? We wanted a system that worked effortlessly for you, whether you had 1 or 50 properties.

Built by property investors (and nerds), for property investors (who aren't necessarily nerds)

Colin Gardyne Development lead

Nikki Gardyne CFO

John Bolton Founder & CEO

Adam Wright Design lead

TenanSee's core team is the perfect mixture of property investment experience (JB has been investing in property for the last 20 years), software design & development skills (Col and Adam have been building successful online products for a decade), and solid financial know-how (Nikki is a chartered accountant and snappy dresser).

JB, through his own extensive investment experience, spotted a huge need in the marketplace for a product such as TenanSee in early 2013. Supported by the core team, and backed up by a stellar cast of developers, designers, and advisors, TenanSee launched in November 2013 and is already managing thousands of properties.

We are dedicated to delivering the best possible system to manage property investments, developing innovative tools in response to our customers needs, and to a relentless focus on design to make property management as simple as it should be.

Please join us. TenanSee is absolutely free to use for 30 days, and we're confident once you've used it, you won't know how you ever did without it!

Company details

TenanSee is owned & operated by Property Cloud Systems Limited, a company based in beautiful Auckland, New Zealand.

Our physical address is 36-38 College Hill Road, Freemans Bay, Auckland 1011, New Zealand, and you can contact us:

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