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We take your security as seriously as you take your investments.

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TenanSee is a read-only service.

You can view and analyse your property finances but you cannot transact or move money between your accounts.

Your data is yours.

You can remove it at any time you want. If you close your account we will permanently delete your data from our system.

Your data is secure.

All servers for TenanSee are located in a dedicated datacentre, with temperature control and fire suppression systems. They have around the clock security, locked racks and biometric security access, and customer data is backed-up nightly and stored on an external server.

We will not sell or rent any of your data to third parties.

We may aggregate data in our system to provide useful statistics to our property investor community, but only where this information cannot personally identify any of our users.

TenanSee uses SSL encryption.

This means that only your computer and our server know what's going on.

We do not store your credit card details on our system, and your password is stored with multi-level one-way encryption. Only you know your password.